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Paints and Brush

Welcome to our resources page. Here you'll find resources of all kinds - from information on volunteering with arts organisations, gaining work experience, build your artists CV, hosting events, putting on exhibitions, and more! 

All of these resource documents are completely free to download. They were written by and generously donated by local artists. All in the interest of empowering and expanding our creative community. 

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you would like to add a resource, please get in touch! 

Guide to Pricing Your Work

by Jiggle + Juice

Do you struggle to price your artwork? This handy guide written by the lovely folks at Jiggle + Juice will help you set your prices and know your worth.

Guide to Hosting a Virtual Event

by Sophie Brown

2020 graduate, artist Sophie Brown is uniquely qualified to advise on the subject of hosting virtual events. Thinking of hosting your own virtual event? Read this handy guide first!

Guide to Invoicing

by Second Home Studio + Cafe

In this handy guide, we take you through how to write an invoice, and what to do if it is paid late. 

Invoice Template

Bonus download! We've made an invoice template to make things even easier for you!

How to Organise an Exhibition

by Jiggle + Juice

Got an exhibition to organise but don't know where to start? Download this handy guide by Jiggle + Juice to learn how!

How to Write a Creative Contract

by Jiggle + Juice

Contracts are an essential part of working with clients as a creative but writing one can be a daunting prospect. This guide from Shae + Georgia of Jiggle + Juice will take you through the process. 

How to Document Your Work

by Jiggle + Juice

Documenting your work is an all too often overlooked part of creative practice but it is vitally important for building your portfolio. Download this guide from Jiggle + Juiceto learn how to document your work. 

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