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#KirstyIsShitAtThings : An Introduction

Hey everyone! As promised, here is a rough introduction to #KirstyIsShitAtThings

If for whatever reason, you can’t listen to this video, here the jist:

We’ve hosted a few art classes at Parx Cafe in Aberdeen, and while everyone that has attended has been super enthusiastic, I’m quite often met with people saying “Oh I can’t draw” or “I’m just not creative”, and it made me wonder, how many things are we holding ourselves back from because we just think that we can’t do it. It’s only natural that you wouldn’t be able to draw if you had never done it before, and thats okay! I wouldn’t be out here trying to run a business if I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do it. But here, I am. Trying my hardest.

So I created the #KirstyIsShitAtThings so I could force myself to learn new skills and share my progress with you all. You’ll see my being kind of shit at things to start with and hopefully see me become better, and maybe good at some things. We’ll see! The purpose of this is to hopefully inspire you to put yourself out there and try something that you think you’re shit at. It doesn’t even need to be one of my classes! Anything at all! Get out there, be your best self!

We have a sewing class coming up tomorrow and so my first task will be sewing. I’ll be attempting to make a reusable produce bag first, and then maybe onto bigger and better things.

I’d love if you could get involved. If you do start something new, please tag @secondhomeaberdeen in your videos. I’d love to see them!

Kirsty x

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