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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Hey everyone!

We first posted this little blog in June 2020, when the Black Lives Matter movement became very mainstream following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. White people were called upon to educate themselves on the wider issues, and covert and systematic racism that they themselves are complicit in.

We first posted this blog full of petition links and information that was relevant to that time. Since then, we've updated this post to hold a space on our site for resources that will almost always be useful. Let's get started.


KEY WORDS AND PHRASES :and their meanings.

Non Racist

Refers to resources, policies, practices and procedures that take a neutral approach to racism, neither acknowledging it, denying it nor opposing it.

Anti Racist

Refers to resources, policies, practices and procedures that recognise the existence of racism in its many forms and take appropriate action to remove it. Anti- racism recognises racism as being the major obstacle to racial equality.

White privilege

"white privilege should be viewed as a built-in advantage, separate from one’s level of income or effort."


Implicit Bias

"we use the term “implicit bias” to describe when we have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them without our conscious knowledge. A fairly commonplace example of this is seen in studies that show that white people will frequently associate criminality with black people without even realizing they’re doing it."

Institutional or Systematic Racism

"Institutional racism, whereby policies and traditions, sometimes unwittingly, favour a particular racial or ethnic group, may be less obvious but may disadvantage large populations."


The process of viewing or interpreting the world from the perspective of a particular ethnic group. ‘Eurocentrism’ is, for example, viewing the non-European world from a European perspective.


Everyone has a ‘culture’ as a result of their lives and experiences. Elements of culture may include factors such as language, social class, religious beliefs and practices, ‘traditions’, dress and food.


Refers to an individual’s identification with a group sharing some or all of the same culture, lifestyle, language, religion, nationality, geographical region and history. Every person has an ethnicity. Concepts of ‘ethnic food’, ethnic dress’ and ‘ethnic books’ are therefore nonsense.

Definitions for Non Racist, Anti Racist, Ethnocentrism, Culture, and Ethnicity were all from this document which has so many other definitions. A great resource.


+ actually listen to and believe the experiences of black people




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Please donate to organisations which seek to tackle racism. Based in the UK are:

The Monitoring Group

Hope Not Hate

Stop Hate UK


In the US include:

Black Visions Collective