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We're really proud of the food that we put out everyday, and even more proud of the people that make it. We've good a really good mix of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options and we hope you'll find something you can't wait to try! 

You don't need to book a table but you can email us, instagram message us, or facebook message us for bookings. We're open 9 until 4, Tuesday to Friday, and 10 - 4 on Saturdays. each week. Our cafe is situated at 39 Huntly Street, in a building called The Gym.

brunch plates


the essentials (ve option)                                

smokey housemade beans, hash browns, + fried egg. 

option to add halloumi, bacon or facon, avocado, or toast.


bacon roll (ve option)                        

crispy bacon or facon in white roll, with butter + your choice of red or brown sauce.


roasted sweet potato + tofu scramble (ve)                 

with our own smokey hot sauce, rocket, pink pickled onions, avocado, + a slice of toast with vegan butter.

breakfast bowls


breakfast crumble (ve)                       

roasted stone fruit served warm with crumble granola, + yoghurt   

add vegan pancakes for a bigger breakfast!        


brown sugar + walnut porridge (ve)                      

scottish oats with toasted walnuts, brown sugar, stewed fruit, + yoghurt



breakfast bagel (v option)                        

bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, hash brown, + sriracha mayo.


vegan breakfast bagel (ve)                        

facon, tofu scramble, avocado, smokey hot sauce, + rocket.


avocado + halloumi                           

smashed avocado, halloumi, sriracha, + crispy onions.

option to add bacon or veggie bacon if you like!

cake for breakfast


banoffee pancakes                                   

carnation caramel, fresh banana, pie crumb, yoghurt and salted dark chocolate shavings


chai spiced banana bread (ve)                                 

a slice of our own vegan banana bread with maple syrup + toasted nuts. 


vegan babka (ve)                                       

a slice of our housemade dark chocolate babka with toasted hazelnuts + yoghurt. 

toasted sandwiches 


straight up cheesey (v)                            

béchamel and scottish cheddar cheese


mushroom + pesto (v)                                          

garlic sautéed mushrooms, béchamel, cheddar, basil + walnut pesto 


roasted squash + sage (v)                             

roasted butternut squash, crispy fried sage, cheddar, blue cheese, + walnuts


croque monsieur                                  

honey roasted ham, béchamel, cheddar cheeses.


coronation chickpea (ve)                            

our own coronation chickpea served in a toasted baguette with fresh

lettuce, carrot pickle, and peanuts. 


chicken pesto                                       

pulled herby chicken, cheddar cheese, walnut + basil pesto 

bowls of goodness


soup of the day (ve + gf)                            

ask your server about our soup of the day. available as a larger bowl 

served with bread, or as a smaller cup as a side to a toastie.


green lentil curry (ve)                               

served with flatbread, carrot pickle, and yoghurt.


winter chicken bowl                                 

pulled herby chicken with roasted squash, feta, 

toasted seeds, rocket, quinoa, and an orange dressing


indian bowl (ve)                              

curried tofu, roasted sweet potato, carrot pickle,

yoghurt, mango chutney, on a bed of rocket + quinoa.

please note that we have gluten free bread available to make much of our menu GF. 

please inform our staff of any allergens or intolerances before ordering. 

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