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We're really proud of the food that we put out everyday, and even more proud of the people that make it. We've good a really good mix of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options and we hope you'll find something you can't wait to try! 

You don't need to book a table but you can email us, instagram message us, or facebook message us for bookings. We're open 9 until 4, Tuesday to Friday, and 10 - 4 on Saturdays. each week. Our cafe is situated at 39 Huntly Street, in a building called The Gym. 

A L L  D A Y  B R U N C H

the essentials (ve option)                 

smokey housemade beans, hash browns, fried egg. option to add halloumi, bacon/facon,or avocado if you like!


bacon sandwich (ve option) 

crispy bacon or facon in soft white bread, with butter + your choice of red or brown sauce.


roasted sweet potato + tofu scramble (ve) 

with our own smokey hot sauce, rocket, pink pickled onions, avocado, + house seed mix.


scandi toast                

scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill, pickled pink onions + pea shoots.


breakfast bagel (v option)         

bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, housemade hash brown, + sriracha mayo.


vegan breakfast bagel (ve)                  

facon, tofu scramble, avocado, roasted tomato salsa, + rocket.


avocado + halloumi     

smashed avocado, halloumi, sriracha, + crispy onions. option to add bacon or veggie bacon if you like!

apple crumble pancakes (ve option)  

pancakes with stewed apple, crumble topping, toasted nuts, and yoghurt. 


bacon + banana pancakes (ve option)    

pancakes with crispy bacon, caramelised banana, toasted nuts, maple syrup + yogurt. 


chai spiced banana bread (ve)     

a slice of our own vegan banana bread with maple syrup + toasted nuts. 


vegan babka (ve)   

a slice of our housemade vegan babka with seasonal stewed fruit, yoghurt + nuts. 

big cheesey toastie (v)               

with béchamel, cheddar + swiss cheeses.


mushroom + pesto (ve option)      

garlic sautéed mushrooms, béchamel, cheddar, swiss cheese, basil + walnut pesto. 


tu'nah melt (ve option)           

our own vegan tuna with violife vegan cheese.


chicken caesar baguette            

herby chicken, housemade caesar dressing, fresh lettuce, and toasted breadcrumbs in a toasted french baguette.


quesadilla (ve option)   

roasted sweet potato, cheddar cheese, feta, zhoug, smokey beans, and walnuts. 


banh mi (ve)                 

smokey tofu, pickled carrot + cucumber salad, housemade hummus, sriracha, salted peanuts + coriander on a toasted french baguette.


nudey bowl                  

pulled herby chicken, roasted tomato salsa, avo, and tortilla chips on a bed of rocket + quinoa.


indian buddha bowl (ve)             

curried tofu, roasted sweet potato, carrot + cucumber pickle, minted yoghurt, mango chutney, on a bed of rocket + quinoa.

available as a single board for a nibbly lunch, or as a sharer. Includes our housemade falafel, hummus, and flatbread, with olives, dried apricots, fried broad beans. 


C A K E  F O R  B R E A K F A S T


please note that we have gluten free bread available to make much of our menu GF. 

please inform our staff of any allergens or intolerances before ordering. 

B U D D H A  B O W L S

M E Z Z E  B O A R D